Thursday, July 10, 2008

American Girl goes to the Movies - Kit

Cake with Molly & Emily
Cam with Jessie
Molly, Emily & Jessie watching the Kit movie.
They even brought little popcorn buckets and A& W cups for them!

Here are a few pics from when the girls went to see Kit Kittredge - An American Girl movie. Kit is set during the depression and we thought it was probably the BEST American Girl movie yet! The girls brought a few of their other American Girl dolls to watch the movie with them. Attending was Cake and Cam, Mom and Dad, Molly and Emily and Jessie.

The girls all wore their American Girl Place shirts that Dad brought them back from Chicago. What a sweet daddy...we could not go and he knew how much the would love the American Girl Place so he went there and bought them a few things and took lots of pictures for them. He even proudly carried the American Girl bags through the airport so they would not get smashed in his luggage...he is just too sweet for words!!

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