Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hannah Belle meets Anna Belle

This is Hannah on Christmas Eve at Papaw and Granny's house. This was the first time she has ever stayed overnight at anyone's home. She did really well, and totally enjoyed herself even though she was a bit scared to go upstairs (Daniel had to carry her).

The next morning she met "Einstein" a new puppy that our nephew Jacob got for Christmas. My "future vet", Cam discovered that "Einstein" is not a boy...but a girl. Anthony had her for a couple of weeks before Christmas but was TOLD it was a boy dog...not! So now "Einstein" is now called "AnnaBelle". This is kind of funny as he also had a boy cat named "Gracie"! I guess some people just have a hard time with dog/cat anatomy! Sorry Anthony, had to tell it!!!

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drucillastitches said...

What a cute story, love Hannah's picture! She's adorable!!