Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally Friday...

This is one of my all time fav photos taken at Disney a couple of years little mouseketeers were so sweet during that trip. They were so excited, you could often find them hugging each other and holding hands. Unfortunately, when the "Disney Magic" wore off so did the hugging and hand holding!

This week we have been recovering from sickness (the girls) going to sewing class, I had a birthday unfortunately my sweet hubby was out of town the day before of the day of my birthday, so I found it rather boring and slightly depressing. I miss my sweetie when he is not here.

This year he got me very practical gifts...a new 19" computer monitor as I gotten use to two monitors and my other one decided to give up the ghost. Today for Valentines Day he got me a carpet cleaner...not that I really want a carpet cleaner because I hate using them, but I thought it might be more economical than having them cleaned.

The girls started back to TaeKwonDo last week; they had been out for about 9 months and I think they were ready to get back into the groove. Daniel started taking it with them and they really enjoy that. They also have some more homeschool friends in the group so that makes things much more fun. It is much more fun to "ninjer" together!

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