Thursday, May 7, 2009

Books, Movies, and what we have been up to...

I cannot believe it has been over a month since I last posted.  We have been involved in so many
 end of school activities...we are winding down and I am ready for summer break.  The girls have two upcoming performances, one in Musical Theatre called "One Night Only" and then Cake's
 piano recital as well as both of them in Musical Theatre recital.  They are then gearing up for Camp Broadway Jr. for two weeks.  This year they are doing "Beauty and the Beast".  We are going to try to get in a few days vacation at Busch Gardens Williamsburg before they start camp.

The girls and Daniel have also been testing for their new TaeKwonDo belts...Cam tested from Orange to Green, Cake from Yellow to Orange and Daniel from White to Yellow.  They did their first board breaking the other night and did great.

We also went to see Wolverine X-Men Origins.  It was a great movie...We all dressed up like X-Men a couple of years ago for Halloween.  We can't wait until the next one comes out...suppose to be Magneto and then Deadpool.  How cool is that?  

Daniel as Wolverine

Cam as Storm
Cake as Rogue

I have read three of the most awesome books this month...the first is
 Fablehaven Dragon Santuary by Brandon Mull.  Fabulous series of books if you like faeries and mythical creatures.  

Second, by my favorite new teen author Laurie Halse Anderson, is Wintergirls.  A book about two teenage girls with deating is bulimic and one is anorexic.  This is an awesome read...very eye opening to this disease.

Third, also by Laurie Halse Anderson, is Speak...Oh my goodness you have to read this book.  It is about a girl that is sexually assaulted while at a party and was too young and scared to tell anyone for a year.  It describes her first year of high school carrying this secret.  She went from a popular girl with lots of friend to having absolutley none and being made fun of.  She essentially just stopped talking to anyone...this is really a great book.

One more book by this author of a different genre is Fever 1793.  This is a historical fiction about the epedemic of Yellow Fever in Philadelphia.  Awesome book...great reads for Moms even though it is considered a teen book.

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