Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween 2009
Scooby Doo and the Mystery of the Disappearing Food!

Daniel as Shaggy
Cake as Daphne
Cam as Velma
Hannah Boo as Scooby Doo's Girlfriend
Yours Truly as the Witch Scooby and Gang are chasing!

"And I would have succeeded too...
if it had not been for those meddling kids and their stupid dog!!"

"Anyone interested in a little Scooby snack"??

Cake as the lovely Daphne

The Evil and Sinister Witch...

Witch Sister-in-laws!

Daphne and Velma

Pa and Nanny on their 62nd Wedding Anniversary...Oct 31st. Pa died 6 days later!

Hannah as Hannah Boo/Scooby Doo's Girlfriend

"Witch" one you going to try first?

Nanny and Pa's 62nd Anniversary Cake

Cam as Velma

Cake by Anthony!

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