Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Hannah Belle Velvet Ears 2/20/08

Tomorrow is Miss Hannah Belle Velvet Ears 1st BirthdayHannah is Cam's Beagle - that is all she wanted for her 8th birthday!

This is Hannah with "Buggy", her first and still favorite toy...

Are those beautiful eyes or what?? And she earns her name Velvet Ears...they are so soft, you just want to rub them all the time.

Here is Hannah at Christmas in her Santa outfit that her "Aunt Gayle" bought her.

Bless her heart...we dress her up in all kinds of foolish attire! She is a good sport though, she tolerates most anything we do to her. Last week we took her and got her a bath, and the Spa treatment...and even her nails painted. Unfortunately, the polish lasted about as long as mine does!!

Happy Birthday Hannah, we love you!!

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Denise C said...

Happy B-day Hannah Belle!!! Our fur muffin's b-day is one week from today!!! Rosie will be 7 years old on the 26th! Hum......maybe we should plan a doggie b-day party for our pooches! hee-hee!
How's Cam???