Friday, May 9, 2008

Anniversary Part 2

We had a wonderful anniversary "date" last night. Honestly, we usually take the girls with us where ever we go...whether out to dinner, or a movie or a short trip out of town. Last night, it was just the two of us.

My sister took the girls to Libby Lu for makeovers (again!!!) and then on to a performance of High School Musical on Ice. They had a great sister was exhausted by the time it was over though. (More on that and pics later).

Daniel had a seminar he was presenting yesterday, so I barely spoke to him until he came home. I did call him the day before to "confirm" that we were not buying gifts this year as we are taking a vacation to Williamsburg in a couple of weeks and that is suppose to be our "gift" to each other.

We decided to go to the movies rather than out to dinner (as we eat out way too many friends to socialize with, you know!) We decided to go see Iron Man - as we love Marvel comics! It was a great movie, with a great friend and date.

Before the movies, Daniel gave me a brown paper bag with a last minute gift (so he said). It was a pink bluetooth headset. He had bought him a new one and had bought me one as well. I thanked him as it was a very nice gift and thoughtful gesture and then he said "Well, maybe this is actually your gift". It looked like a electrical supply box, so I thought he had brought me a "freebie" home from work. You know, a pen or mouse...that kind of thing.

It was DIAMOND earrings!!! They were in a beautiful porcelain box. Rounds of thank yous and kisses followed...then...

He said "Well, actually this is your gift..." A ring box...with a beautiful channel set Eternity Band!

Tears...both of us...My sweet, sweet man! 15 years does mean something to him, and I did not even ask or hint for one thing! Makes my anniversary card look rather minuscule compared to his gifts! He can buy that Fly Rod he has been wanting, he deserves it after that!!!

Just wanted to "Share the Love"!!


Denise C said...

OH my word!!!! Now that is one man that knows how to not only surprise his lovely wife...but also knows how to shop baby!!!! Diamonds everywhere!!! Oh yeah...that is what I am talking about!!!
I hope you thanked him properly my dear! hee-hee!
Happy 15 year anniversary to two of our dearest friends....we wish you many many more years together....!!!
Hugs and love from the Crockett's!!!

drucillastitches said...

Oh my goodness! Diamond earrings?? Diamond ring?? How SWEET!! I'm telling you girlfriend, you must tell us your secret! We gotta talk!
Have a great weekend!

drucillastitches said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. About the birds......We've never had many birds until this year. We purchased this long slender feeder, finch feeder I suppose, and the seeds are sunflower seeds. They love them, can't keep it filled!! We have enjoyed them so much.I'm actually surprised because they are right beside hubbies noisy shop.

Denise C said...

OK....time for an update!!! Get busy posting my friend!!! hee-hee!
See ya tomrorow!