Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Sweetie's 9th Birthday

Cam dressed up as Storm from X-Men on Halloween
My Sweetie sleeping so peacefully...
Sitting pretty on a rock on a camping trip last year.
Cake & Cam
God blessed me with not just one but two beautiful daughters that I have the blessing and privilege of raising. He has allowed me to stay home with them since they were born and they have never had to go to a daycare for even one day. He then blessed me with the desire and freedom to homeschool them. Our days are full of precious things we do together as a family and we are making many happy memories for them to pass on to their children.
They have a most awesome father that does so much for them and with them. He is such a child himself (like Peter Pan) that refuses to grow up, so that makes it so much more fun for them.
Thanks be to God for my beautiful children, I pray that they will always put Christ first in their lives and that they will live their lives as a testimony to HIM.
Thank you Cam for being such a joy, I love you and I am so glad you are mine.
Thank you Daniel for being such a good provider and father, you are the best.
Thank you Cake for being such a delightful child, I love you and all the differences between you and Cam. You two are definitely not cookie cutter children! You are both unique and I love you all very much. I am most blessed among women...

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Denise C said...

Ok....I am tearing up over here! What a precious post about all three of your sweeties! You certainly are "most blessed among women" sweet friend!
We had a fabulous time celebrating Cam's b-day with you guys!!! What fun!
Hope you have been enjoying the ketchup!
Love you all!