Sunday, June 8, 2008

9th Birthday

A special gift from a special person...Denise over at Tucked Inside My Heart made this lovely scrapbook page and attached it to Cam's gift bag. She is so very creative and just the most thoughtful person ever. How we blessed to have her and her family as friends, we have just the best time when we are together.

Cam had a wonderful birthday with lots of friends, family, pizza, ice cream cake, gifts and a magic show by the Awesome Jeremy!

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Denise C said...

Aw-www! You make me smile! We enjoyed every minute....and "Jeremy the Great" as Chuck so fondly calls him....was indeed awesome! "I kept saying..."How did he do that?"
Glad you all had a fun day in Pigeon Forge today.....
spending lots of $$$!!! hee-hee!!!
See ya Tuesday at the park...we'll be scrap-booking (and sweating I'd imagine...with the temps in the 90's)!