Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busch Gardens Rollercoasters

NO...I did not ride any of them!!! Daniel and Cake rode most everything, Cam rode the smaller rides and a couple of the bigger ones. Busch Garden is definitely for he more adventurous...Disney is more my speed with the gentle rides. My absolute favorite when it is hot outside is the cool air conditioned Pooh ride, it is so relaxing and restful; I could ride it non-stop! My gang had a good time though and that is all that matters. I did enjoy Water Country USA though, it was so hot the water was like a very warm shower, not cool at all, which would have been refreshing. They had some really good play areas even if you did not do the slides. I stayed in the water most of the time as it was so very hot. Very enjoyable though!

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Denise C said...

Nope...I wouldn't be on those crazy coasters either!!! Glad your two kiddos loved them though!!!
So sorry it was so hot...but I know you guys had a fab time anyway...this Hill family doesn't let the heat not rain stop a good time!!!
Love you guys!!!