Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Sweet Hubby's 35th Birthday

This was taken last year on our way to Florida...we stopped at St. Simons Island...beware of the "love bugs"!
Spotting dolphins with the girls at St. Simons Island...

Camping at Crazy Horse Campground in Gatlinburg area...Note the morning cup of coffee and sleepy eyes! He loves to camp and makes the most awesome breakfasts'.
Santa thought a Go-Cart was too much to bring for Cam for Christmas but nothing was too good for Daddy's little girl (that is actually Cake but was a better picture of Daniel). A new toy for both, er. make that 3 kids to enjoy.
Mr. Incredible at Disney...doesn't that background look like a real street in San Francisco? It's a painting like they use in the movies.

What a difficult job finding a serious photo of my sweetie...while always with us he seems to always be out of camera shot. Here are my favorite ones from a couple of Halloween's ago when we dressed up like the X-Men. He completely designed and made his entire costume. He worked on it for weeks making it as well as growing his hair and beard for the full effect. He trimmed his beard on Halloween day so he only had one shot at getting the beard just right. I think he did an awesome job!! So sexy!!!

X-Men Wolverine

He made those claws himself...

One must dress the part, cigar and all...

Maybe this year he will be Batman...whatever he chooses he will always be "Larger than Life", a true Super Hero to our family. We love you very are so much fun...what a great Dad for two kids to have...always some one to play with.

Fantastic Husband, Fabulous Dad, Caring Son, Wonderful Friend, Great Brother & Brother-in-Law ~ You are the Best and we are very grateful God has placed you in our life!!


Denise C said...

The Crockett's wish Daniel a very happy b-day!!! Love all the pictures....and of your trip too....looks like fun was had all the way around!
Glad you are back home safe and sound!
Love you guys!!!

drucillastitches said...

Wishing Daniel a Happy Birthday. Your blog looks great, wonderful pictures you've added!! It looks like you're all having a great summer!
See you all soon!

Denise C said...

So.....any new "TOYS" at the Hill home??? *wink*!