Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Date of Many...? Time to Set Priorities

Last night Daniel and I went on our First Date of Many...we have been married for 15 years and after the girls came along we started taking them along on Anniversary dinners...all those special occasions. Now that they have gotten a bit older, we have come to realize that even though we have Family Night (sometimes several in a week) we need to have a Date Night, just the two of us. So to make sure this happens I got Daniel phone and plugged in dates every week for the next year (with a reminder as well).

Last night we went to the movies and saw Mummy 3. Daniel has always liked these movies and loves the ride at Universal Studios; I thought it was a good movies, but he actually preferred the Mummy 1 or 2 better. It was a bit weird seeing Brandon Fraser with a grown son, perhaps it makes us feel older...The effects were really good as usual, the Yeti were pretty cool. There is so much CG in movies now you cannot tell what is real and what if computer generated. They use to cast a multitude of extras for armies, crowds, that kind of thing now they just use a few and duplicate them or not even use real people at all - just CG. Some times it is so real I have to ask Daniel "how did they do that" and he will say "You're kidding, you know that is not real. right?" I feel like a dummy then! Here is a timeline of the Great Wall, and how actually the movie was based a lot on fact, much more than I thought. Good Homeschool Resource...

We saw previews of a really good upcoming movie called Fireproof: Never Leave your Partner Behind, it stars Kirk Cameron as a firefighter, but the whole gist of the movie is about his relationship with his wife. I just went to the website and they have tons of stuff to help promote the movie, which is apparently Christian based.The songs are by Third Day, Casting Crowns...I honestly started crying just seeing the previews. Marriage relationships are so fragile, they are so easily abused, neglected, and often have to work on your relationship with your husband or wife on a daily basis; it is our goal to work on ours continually making it stronger each year!

I bought a book just yesterday entitled "The Five Love Needs of Men and Women" by Gary & Barbra Rosberg, you can read several pages of the book in the above link. It is a great relationship book and I hope to have it read by the weekend and can share it with you. My niece Lynette and her hubby went to "A Weekend to Remember" Conference not long ago and they highly recommended it to Daniel and I when they were visiting, so we plan on attending one in October. Let you know how it goes...

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Denise C said...

Sounds like you two had a fun evening! I'll have to check that book out.
I absolutely cannot wait to see Fireproof! It promises to be a fabulous movie...with life/heart lessons!