Friday, September 5, 2008

Spiderwebs and Birthdays - go figure!

I loved this picture that we took at Wonderworks right outside the front entrance. A spiderweb is a misty fog with the dew settled on it. Where's Charlotte?
A view from Watauga Lake at Shook Branch.
Daniel's family met us at the lake for a cookout for his mom's 60th birthday.
I did not think Granny would ride the jet ski, but she did... Wonder why she rode with Anthony instead of Daniel??? Could it be because he is a maniac?? Nah...This is Scharee, whom we call "Granny", she is a wonderful Mother, Mother-in-law and Granny!
Happy Birthday, Granny! We all love you!!


Denise C said...

Happy Birthday to you, Granny!!! I am so proud of you for riding that Jet Ski!!! YOU ARE A VERY WISE WOMAN FOR NOT RIDING BEHIND DAN-O....HE IS A WILD MAN ON THE SKI...I'VE WITNESSED IT FIRST HAND AT OUR HOUSE! HEE-HEE!!!
Beautiful pictures of your b-day at the lake!!
Hugs and Love,

Doc Curtis said...

I heard they cut down the two rope swings on Watauga Lake right across from Shook Branch, or are they still there?