Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Afternoon Tea

~ Camilla Rose Tea Room ~
Sign wishing Kaitlyn Happy Birthday!

After spending a wonderful day at the beach shelling on Treasure Island, we went back to my niece Lynette's house. We had birthday cupcakes, wonderful "Hungry Howie's"pizza (we just discovered this - yummy) for Cake's 11th birthday.
The next day was "Girl's Day Out". Lynette made reservations for us at a tea room in Plant City called Camellia Rose . (Make sure you visit their website to see all they have to offer). What a special day...first of all we got to spend it with my sweet niece Lynette that moved away from us when she got married (still grieving over that one and it has been over 15 years). Second, she has three boys so she never gets to do anything "girly" so we had a wonderful time.

When you go into this lovely tea room the table is already set for you, with a hat in the chair. What fun trying on these hats as they were so beautiful (yes Denise I know you are dying... lol). They bring around all of these different teas for you to sniff and see which one you like best. They have a Birthday Tea, but Cake chose Blueberry Sundae Tea, I chose Hibiscus Punch but ended up trading with Cake as she preferred mine. Lynette chose a tea that I thought tasted like Russian Tea, some kind of Spice.

Cam - was sick. She sat with her head on the table and did not eat or drink anything or even try on a hat. The waitress brought her some ginger ale and I had her go sit on the sofa and rest. Poor Child!

Cam managing a smile even though she was feeling bad...

Check out this hat!!!

Cake normally hates tea and will not drink it if she is thirsting to death, but since this was such a fancy occasion she tried it and after sampling mine - she loved it! She actually bought some Hibiscus Punch, the Amber Crystals (which is the sugar) and some little tea bags. When we came home she had her own little tea party...

The had these wonderful little chicken salad sandwiches, turkey sandwiches with the most wonderful cranberry dressing (had a sweet taste). There were scones with Devon Creme, and a tray of desserts that was beyond yummy!

Cake sampling her birthday cake, kind of looked like a Lava Meltdown.

My Lovely niece, Lynette...as beautiful inside as outside. Talented singer and pianist.

Just one of the beautiful displays...

Lovely Tea Sets

One of the few pics you will see of me!!

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Denise C said...

Oh you are so lovely in your hat! And what a fabulous b-day celebration for sweet Kaitlyn!!!
Lovely...just lovely!