Thursday, September 25, 2008

Treasure Island, Florida Day 11

Treasure Island Florida
Cake's 11th Birthday

This was the most wonderful place to collect shells. We found two "live" Sea Urchins...

This little guy was hiding in a shell, we thought it was a hermit crab and it was an Octopus!!
BTW that is not Daniel's belly - another guy found it and was holding it for us.

We also found tons of clam shells with the clams intact, and also a Conch shell with a conch still it. Words of Wisdom - Do not try to microwave a Conch shell in order to get out the conch...yes it will explode - not the shell - the conch! Blame that one on my niece's husband!!

The beach was literally littered with these shell, some empty and some still with the critter inside. I never did find out exactly what they were...looked like some kind of mussel. The beach as far as you could see had a row of these that the tide had brought in. You could also see them still swimming in the surf.

Tons of shells to sift through...some were really good perfect shells, the fancy kind you find in gift shops, others were the scallop or cockle shells. I wish I had a container and I would have brought home a ton for crafts. The look so pretty in a glass vase, glued to picture frames or mirrors. We were not really planning on stopping at the beach so we were not prepared to find shells. Sometimes at Myrtle Beach we will search for hours and not find one good shell. This is a wonderful place to go shelling!


Denise C said...

I cannot believe that you found an octopus! that is amazing!!! WOW...look at all of those shells....I mean tons of them! I have to go to this beach sometime!!!

drucillastitches said...

Enjoy looking at all the great pictures. The octopus is awesome! Hope everyone is feeling better!