Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's up with us...?

Finally found time to blog about what we have been doing...first night we stayed in Daytona Beach and played in the sand and sun all day, waves were pretty cool thanks to Hanna recently passing through.

Next day we went to SeaWorld...we did a partial visit as we will be coming back for a couple of days on our way back home. We mostly saw the shows, which I love, we did not see the Shamu show yet but we saw Blue Horizons and the Pirate Show, both are great.

We then checked into the Gaylord Palms where we will be staying the rest of the week. Yesterday we spent some time at the pool and then exploring; sometimes exploring means "this place is so huge, I am really lost but do not want to tell anyone". We are in the Everglades section this year so we are right here with the alligators. They have a feeding show tonight so we may go to that before we go to eat at a place called Gator Dockside.

Today was spent at the pool...we spent several hours there. It is a really great pool with a huge octupus that sprays water and tons of other play areas. I will try to post some pics when I download them to my laptop.

Tomorrow will probably be another day at the pool and dining on our own as Daniel has a business dinner. We may do room service which the girls love or one of the many restaurants in the hotel (that is if we have an arm and leg to pay the bill with). Restaurants are expensive here!! To give you an idea of the prices, the Coke machine does not take money...only room charges and credit cards, but considering I paid $1.69 each for two cups (coffee cup size) of water at SeaWorld that might not be that expensive!

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drucillastitches said...

Hey, sounds like you guys are having a fantastic vacation!! Allie says "hello" and they missed the girls at art today! Will see you soon!