Friday, September 5, 2008

Gaylord Palms Florida

Emerald Bay Rooms
Key West Rooms
Everglades Rooms
St. Augustine Rooms - This is the room we stayed in.
Great Pools...

St. Augustine Area of Hotel
I think this was in the Key West section...they had all kind of cool floral arrangements like this.

Alligators in the Everglades section..Daniel playing with the fish, they would come right up and nibble your finger! My Man, Dan...

Camerasaurus (there really is a dinosaur by that name)
Cakelyn (Cam use to call her that)
Can you believe all of this is actually under a glass dome, something like 4 1/2 acres, and all of it is air conditioned. It is 70 degrees inside and you think you are outside because there are so many shops and sidewalks, restaurants, cafe, shops...It is really a cool place to stay!

This is a few pic of the Gaylord Palms Florida that we stayed at last year. We went on a tour of their MASSIVE kitchen, with a couple of other homeschool friends. We are packed and almost ready to head out again. Wonder what kind of tour we can come up with this year? Hope Hurricane Ike does not interfere with our plans for Busch Gardens and Sea World, if so we will just have to enjoy the wonderful hotel and then head on home after Daniel's conference. He is so sweet to take us...I know it would be less headache for him if we stayed at home. He is such a good Dad and Hubby!


Denise C said...

OH dear! Ike appears to be coming your way instead of our way! I hope he weakens...and doesn't affect your time away! As long as you are inside this gorgeous resort...under this enormous glass'll be fine....!
Praying for your safety....have a fab time away! I know you will!

Chuck has gone to Wal-mart for the second time to get batteries....we have our priorities straight don't we??? (Ice-cream!!)
As I type right now (12pm noon Friday).....the waves are very tall...averaging 12 feet....the local news say they will reach 25ft by tomorrow morning! It is really amazing to watch the ocean from our deck....we watched the rough waters slowly come in yesterday and today too.....we are oh the 20th we are very high! Oh no!
Our condo unit has hurricane shutters on the we can actually slide them completely closed and not even see the ocean....very safe! I noticed yesterday while we were sitting at the pool that there were several units with them closed already!
We are going to close ours before we go to bed tonight.
Ok, have a great and safe trip! We love you guys!

drucillastitches said...

OK, what size suitcase are you taking?? I WANT TO GO!!!
Have a great trip!