Friday, November 7, 2008

The Beach Trip - Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse

Well, I has definitely taken me a while to get around to posting my recent activities. I decided to start with the beach trip that Daniel and I went on a couple of weeks ago. This was, believe it or not, without the girls along. We left on Thursday and came back on Sunday; not a terribly long vacation but definitely a nice long weekend.

We stayed at a nice motel, and this time of year you can get a really great rate. We had an oceanfront room efficiency (not that we cooked)that was only about $40.00 or so a night. I am sure at peak season it would have been triple that amount, so there is some advantage to going in the Fall if you are not just going to lie on the beach like in the summer.

We had some friends down there as well as it was a business/pleasure weekend. We went to dinner with about 7 of them one night. We went to this place (similar)that Daniel had gone to in Orlando. He went to this Brazilian Steakhouse called Texas de Brazil. This one in Myrtle Beach is called Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. I will tell you upfront that Daniel says the one in Orlando is better, but I thought this one was pretty darn good.
This is the one that starts the food frenzy!

Green for Go...

They had marvelous cheeses, crisp bacon, fresh mozzarella and tomato salad, hearts of palm, sushi. Oh yeah, that was my salad plate. Also, the had the best potato salad - yummy!

Don't even bother asking for A1 steak sauce no matter how much you like it...

Here is just the first few minutes after they started serving the steak. It was all a blur after that...kidding!

It is fabulous, all you can eat and mind you, I do not mean like Golden Corral. You are seated at the table and you have a coaster that has a red side and a green side, as in green for go, red for stop. You turn your coaster to green when you want them to start bringing by the meat. This is served by Brazilian Gauchos, which looked so cute in their outfits, they carry these sword type things with steak and other types of meat skewered to it. When you are on the green side they will stop by your table and ask if you want to try some of the "leg of lamb" for instance. They will continually bring different meats by your table until you turn the coaster to have to do this so you can eat because they are at your side nonstop. That includes the guy refilling your drink...not once did I have to ask for a refill.

Red for Stop! I am FULL...

These "gauchos" had the cutest pants. They were pleated all of the way around and then they got real narrow and was tucked into tall black boots. Really cool pants!

This was our waiter. He was great, glasses were never empty, plates removed every few minutes. After we finished eating he loaded EVERY plate, silverware, napkins onto his tray. Not one thing remained on the table and then he said "Now take the picture"! He said he has dropped on loaded with 3o plates before behind someone - but he did great this time! Very impressive!

Check out this lamb chop with mint jelly...My favorite was the garlic encrusted steak called Picanha Com Alho.

This was our gang, excluding David who was taking the picture!

Menu...the only thing not included was dessert...but who could eat it?

The bill for two...? $92.00

The memories - Priceless!!!

Thank you sweetie for taking me!

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Denise C said...

I wanna go next time!
Sounds like a lot of fun in one place!